Flowers Grow when they’re Happy!

A Happy Flower!

My son Walker, who is 4, laid some words of wisdom on me today. It’s funny how I’ve read book after book on things like success and the Law of Attraction only to have it all summed up by a four year old in five words: “Flowers grow when they’re happy“.

Another Happy Flower!

We were walking around the yard after looking at some small flower pots we’d planted some seeds in a while back. I was wondering why some hadn’t sprouted and why we didn’t label the pots so that we’d know what was actually growing in them. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes, which is unusual, and then he said “Flowers grow when they’re happy“. Just like that… all those books I read summed up in 5 words!
So, Joe Vitale, you didn’t need to write all those books… just tell people to be a happy flower and they’ll grow and bloom!

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