Crypto Currency – What is it?


Bitcoin has been in the news a lot. If you’re in Internet Marketing and you don’t know what Crypto Currency is all about, then you’re missing something. If you’re interested in making money, then you should keep up with this stuff! There are a lot of different crypto currencies. Some such as Bitcoin are worth […]


Inbox Blueprint


Watch this Video… You’ll learn something! In the beginning of the video you may to yourself “I you know all this stuff”, but watch to the end and you’ll realize he’s got a lot he can teach you. He takes 5 people who have failed at making any money online after trying for over 2 […]


CISPA H.R. 624… More Invasion of Our Online Privacy


CISPA H.R. 624… More Invasion of Our Online Privacy The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) H.R. 624 moves to the Senate this week for a vote. Contact your Senators and ask them to vote no on this invasion of our online privacy. A lot of websites have gone dark today in protest of […]


Google Panda Update Coming this Weekend


Google Panda Update Coming this Weekend Google is releasing an update to their Panda webspam algorithm either this Friday (March 15th, 2013), or Monday (March 18th, 2013). Matt Cutts of Google confirmed this information this week at SMX. Also mentioned: Google will release a major, as in very large, Penguin update before the end of […]


Still Fighting Google EMD Update


Still Fighting Google EMD Update My previous blog post on Google EMD updates generated a lot of questions. I wish I had solid answers for them, but that’s not the case. It’s always frustrating when clients, employers, friends, etc. want quick SEO results… it takes weeks, sometimes months to see changes. The EMD update seems […]


Google EMD Update… Sinking Websites by the Dozen!


Google EMD Update… Sinking Websites by the Dozen! Google announced a new algorithm change last week that took effect over the weekend… this update is not associated to Panda or Penguin and it’s aimed at Exact Match Domain names (EMD)… but I assert that it IS related to Panda and Penguin in that it’s punishing […]


Is CallMDPlus the Ultimate Affiliate Program?


CallMDPlus, is it the Ultimate Affiliate Program? Who/What Is Call Md Plus? CallMDPlus is a concierge Telemedicine company, with an outstanding referral program! Its Members have access to RN’s and Board Certified Physicians 24/7/365. They provide HIPAA Compliant electronic medical record storage with File MD. They offer HUGE discounts on prescriptions with their RX Scripts […]


Google Penguin = Pain…


Google Penguin = Pain… There’s been a lot of yelling and cussing about Google’s “Penguin” update that was rolled out the last week or so of April 2012. And rightly so: it stinks! Panda (a previous Google update) didn’t affect me or my sites. Penguin has hit me hard. It’s hit in another way too: […]