11 Reasons You’re Failing


11 Reasons You’re Failing I want to do great things and make a positive impact on other people’s lives. I want to be one of those people that other people look at and ask how on earth does he get all that done… and still write his wife love songs? This post is going to […]

How to Change Your Life in 30 Days?


I recently read a short eBook that I found to be very, very engaging and powerful. I put it on my iPad and plan to read it a few more times and refer back to it often. That’s how good it is! The title is “30 Days to Change Your Life” and it’s written by […]

Birthday Salute!


Our youngest, Walker is 5 today! Here we are last night getting ready for bed… part of our normal bedtime routine… after reading 3 books! Until next time, Fred

Programmed to be Poor


Programmed to be Poor Money, Money, Money… everybody says they want more of it, but do they really? Deep down, below your conscience, do you really think money is bad? Are you ashamed to have it? I’m sure you’re thinking I’m nuts at this point! But stick with me. Joe Vitale talks a lot about […]

How to Be a Superhero


How to Be a Superhero I once worked with a man who claimed he’d achieved some remarkable things in his life by being too dumb to know he couldn’t do them… However, he really wasn’t dumb at all! He just didn’t let his mind, or those people around him, or society in general, talk him […]

Flowers Grow when they’re Happy!


A Happy Flower! My son Walker, who is 4, laid some words of wisdom on me today. It’s funny how I’ve read book after book on things like success and the Law of Attraction only to have it all summed up by a four year old in five words: “Flowers grow when they’re happy“. Another […]