SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) & Protect IP Pending Bills


SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) & Protect IP Pending Bills Fear Makes People do Terrible Things… What does a child or an emotionally immature person do when faced with the loss of something? They act out of fear. The entertainment industry has been acting like a spoiled child for years, trying to stop the inevitable […]

Simple Solutions


Repairing My Laptop Memory with Rubber Pads I usually turn on my laptop when I get up, so that by the time I get around to sitting down in front of it, it’s booted up and happy. This morning was no different. I even replied to an email or two while dealing with kids, breakfast, […]

Google WebMaster Tools


Today’s post is brought to you by the big letter “G”! Want to know more about how Google sees your site(s)? Sure you do. Who wouldn’t? This stuff is as exciting as watching girls in bikinis during spring break. Well, maybe not, but you’ll stay out of trouble and no one will call you Client […]

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client – Part 2: Corrupted Inbox


In a post I made back in July 2007, I switched from Outlook to Thunderbird for my email client. I’m still 100% happy with that decision. However, over the past few days I’ve experienced a lot of problems with Thunderbird. Yesterday it was so bad that it basically just trashed the hard drive all day […]

Thunderbird – Mozilla’s Email Client


I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of Microsoft Outlook and I’ve installed Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client. So far so good. I haven’t used it long enough to make a list of what I like better than Outlook and what I don’t. However it immediately impresses me. I have a lot of email […]

Internet Business Research and Development


I know that I promised to continue the series on Clickbank links for selling multiple products from a single Clickbank account… but… I’ve been really busy working on a few new products and will get back to regular posting ASAP…. here’s a shot of one of my most promising developers as he thumbs through Popular […]

Don’t Mix Cutting Edge Technology with Romance!


Erik J. Heels is a high-tech lawyer whose blog I read from time to time and find very helpful. He’s listed in my Blogroll located in the left column along with a few other blogs that I read often. Erik recently posted about trying to watch a movie with his wife on Verizon FiOS TV’s […]