Magic Ping List


James Brausch Magic Ping List.  (Photo Copyright by Lee Hinshaw use without permission prohibited, see Footer for Link)James Brausch recently posted an interesting article on his Internet Business blog titled “My Ping List”.
In his article, James listed out the different URLs he has setup in his blogging software to receive pings each time he posts a new article. He has several listed; I just use James says that he’d been asked for his ping list because people think that it’s responsible for the traffic he receives: his blog is currently at an Alexa ranking of 16,078. I really don’t think that his ping list is responsible for his traffic. Sure, pinging, or alerting these sites that you’ve updated your blog is a good thing to do, but James has spent a lot of time promoting his blog with link exchanges, submitting articles, search engine optimization with his Ranking Factors data, purchasing traffic, and other methods… all things he writes about on his blog and tells people to do. This took time, it didn’t happen overnight; he didn’t start out after his first post with an Alexa ranking that high because of his magical ping list!
While this ping list will help some people who have not found those sites on their own, if I could asked James for one thing, it’d be his Artemis Pro external list(s). Artemis Pro is James’ automated article submission software. I wish I’d thought of it back at Christmas when he was asking people what they wanted for a Christmas present! I doubt he would part with it though. Why? Because it’s worth a lot! Because the real power of ArtemisPro, or article submission in general, comes from submitting to a lot sites, publishers, etc who may use your article and link to you, sites that are not junk sites but sites with real readers and followers. Doing it regularly is important too. Building that external list is time consuming and not a very fun task, but very worthwhile for sending quality traffic to your sites. I get an email every now and then from a publisher telling me that they’re going to use an article of mine that I submitted, and sometimes it’s been months since I submitted it. If I look in my web stats and pick out some of the referring URLs that I don’t recognize, a lot of the time they are from articles that I submitted to various sites that someone stumbled across and clicked the link at the end of the article leading back to one of my sites.
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