How to Use Social Media to Grow a Brick and Mortar Business…


How to Use Social Media to Grow a Brick and Mortar Business… Social media is all the rage these days. It seems like everywhere you turn you run into it. Sure it’s fine for web based businesses, but what if you own a real brick and mortar business? How can you use social media to […]


Don’t give a Hoot about Google Page Rank.


In my post The Frustration of Trying to Make Money Online, item # 6 on my list is Don’t give a hoot about Google Page Rank. There’s a common path that people take as they’re learning about doing business on the internet. At some point, they discover SEO (Search Engine Optimization)… the process of making […]


New Traffic Source: BlogRush


John Reese has launched a new FREE service called BlogRush. It’s a great way to get more traffic to your blog. If you have a blog then you should install the BlogRush widgit on your site too. I’ve installed it in the right-hand column, it looks like the screenshot to the left. The basic concept […]


Break Your Blog Out of the Box with Mailing Lists and Cliff-Hangers


Here are two tips that can help you grow your blog or web site. Most established blogs use the first tip, but few seem to leverage the second. 1. Email List: Use a capture form to build your mailing list. Give an incentive to sign up, such as a free report or tidbit of knowledge. […]


Got Blog? Grow it With Some Special Spice…


Two of my posts, more than others, have brought and keep bringing new visitors to my blog from search engines. One has been regularly doing so for a while now. I figured it would die off, and while it has tapered off, usually at least one person a day, and most days more than one, […]


Live The Power Blog Carnival

My post You Wouldn’t Deny Your Own Child Would You? is listed in the current blog carnival at blog carnival volume 2, check it out because there are 20 great entries in this carnival. Also, Terry Dean mentioned my post on Identity Theft in his post Check it out too, there are 9 […]


Eleven Magic, Sure Fire, Secret Strategies for (NOT) Boosting Traffic!


Flat Stats Got You Down?  Can’t get traffic to your site?  Can’t make any sales?  Just try these proven strategies and stand back… you’ll have more traffic and sales than you can deal with!      Make up some stats about your success and income so that people will follow your advice and buy your products. How […]


Magic Ping List


James Brausch recently posted an interesting article on his Internet Business blog titled “My Ping List”. In his article, James listed out the different URLs he has setup in his blogging software to receive pings each time he posts a new article. He has several listed; I just use James says that he’d been […]


The Secret to Building Long Term, Sustainable Traffic.


Why do people return to a blog? I read some blogs that I don’t particularly agree with every post. Yet I return. I read some that I find boring. And I return. I read some that I don’t like the author’s writing all that much, but I find myself returning there too. What’s the common […]


Traffic: New Media vs. Old Media Outlets

Steve Pavlina is quickly becoming one of my must read daily blogs. I’ve also recently gone back through his podcasts and found the ones I’ve listened to so far incredibly thought provoking and helpful. Steve navigates the helm of a very big blog: i.e. he gets a huge amount of daily traffic. A small ant […]