Thunderbird – Mozilla’s Email Client

Thunderbird - Mozilla's Email ClientI’ve decided that I’ve had enough of Microsoft Outlook and I’ve installed Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client. So far so good.
I haven’t used it long enough to make a list of what I like better than Outlook and what I don’t. However it immediately impresses me. I have a lot of email accounts and when Outlook would run through the accounts and pull email it would slow down my laptop to the point I had to stop typing. Thunderbird, so far, does not exhibit this behavior. I like the way the junk mail detection is trainable and shows up in your inbox with a little flame icon, making it easy to deal with (there’s an option under the Tools menu to delete all items marked as junk).
One advantage to Thunderbird is that it does not store all your email in one huge file as Outlook does. Those PST files in Outlook are a pain when they get really big and can cause all kinds of issues. It looks like Thunderbird makes a file for each folder you create vs. making one huge PST file.
If you try it and you’re used to using the Calendar in Outlook, then you’ll want to download and install the Lighting Add-On for Calendar functionality in Thunderbird (
I’ll probably make several more posts about Thunderbird as I get deeper into it and discover more of its pros and cons.
Until Next Time…