Today I thought I try something a little different!

So you want to be a blogger,
But you can’t remember crap,
Great ideas they come and go,
Then they’re gone in just a snap.
You may be in a restaurant,
Or soaking in a tub,
Or talking on the telephone,
With Aunt Martha or Uncle Dub.
One thing is always certain,
For each idea you loose,
You try and try to no avail,
To find some hints and clues.
It was grander than ProBlogger’s best,
Cuter than those Dosh Dosh girls,
But you’ll never post that post you knew,
Would change your blogging world!
You pull your hair, you jump and shout,
Even chant Joe Vitale’s cleaning.
But the theme from Gilligan’s Island,
Is all you keep receiving!
So what’s a guy or gal to do,
To plug your leaky brain,
To turn a sieve into a save,
To keep your blog out of the drain?
Write it down, that always works!
But you’re way too cool for paper.
Email yourself a little note,
You’ll find it sometime later,
Use your cell for more than calls
It’s a Batman like device
A few short words can save your world
And the Blogsphere in one night!

Until next time – send yourself some reminders,