Product Creation: Simplicity Simply Sings Success.

In a previous post a while back, I mentioned that I was working on two new products. These are not info products, but rather software products. I had hoped to have them finished and available soon after that post; however, I’ve decided to wait. The problem is that they are just too hard to use. They work, and I’m using them on a daily or almost daily basis to improve search engine ranking on various web sites and monitor my results. I may just keep them as “internal” products and not release them for sale.
Why would I do this? Because a complicated product will usually end up being a support problem, even if it works like it’s designed to. If it’s hard to configure, or hard to understand, then refund requests will soar, and support requests will flood my inbox.
Airplanes are complicated. That’s why it takes a lot of hard work to earn a pilots license. It’s not something that you can just sit down in the cockpit and figure out on your own. Are airplanes valid and useful products? Yes. Do I want to sell you an airplane? Sure, if I don’t have to teach you how to fly it!
If I sell you a software product that I’ve created, then I need to support it. If that support is going to drain too many resources, then the product either needs revamping or, it has to sell at a high enough price to offset the support. Current, I don’t think either option is a good immediate choice for these two utilities. As I continue to use the software, I will continue to refine and simplify. If I can make them simple enough, I’ll offer them for sale and you will definitely want to purchase them.