Got Blog? Grow it With Some Special Spice…


Got Blog?  Grow it With Some Special Spice... (Photo Copyright by Lee Hinshaw use without permission prohibited, see Footer for Link)
Two of my posts, more than others, have brought and keep bringing new visitors to my blog from search engines. One has been regularly doing so for a while now. I figured it would die off, and while it has tapered off, usually at least one person a day, and most days more than one, find their way to my blog because of this post: Joe Paterno: Turning Trash into Treasure! Even though is not directly related to the theme of my blog, I felt inspired to write about it. While it’s true that the readers who find my blog searching for information about Joe Paterno and the punishment he handed down to his Penn State Football team may not convert all that well to regular readers of an Internet Business Blog, at least a few will come back and that’s what I want… more readers.
The other post that brings in a steady stream of visitors from search engines is my review of Joe Vitale’s new book Zero Limits. Due to the nature and subject matter of the book, these readers will probably have a higher conversion to loyal readers than the Joe Paterno searchers.
This is a fairly easy way to bring in fresh visitors to your blog. Pay attention to what you’re reading and clicking on as you browse the web, as you read newspapers, and watch the news (if you do such a thing!). Also note the new book, CD, or DVD you just picked up. Integrate some of these things into your blog posts by writing an occasional review of something that interests you and is related, or loosely related, to your blog.
Why? Because, if it interests you, then it will probably interest your readers. Some of that traffic will come back again and become regular readers.
Occasionally tie in a news item that’s a little outside the normal subject area of your blog, like I did with Joe Paterno, to add some flavor that will bring in fresh readers.
Notice that for both suggestions I used the term occasionally. Unless your blog IS a news site or a review site, filling it with these types of posts could cost you some of your current readers and dilute your focus. Like hot sauce, a little of this spice goes a long way, don’t over do it!
Until Next Time…
Fred Black