Flowers Grow when they’re Happy!


A Happy Flower! My son Walker, who is 4, laid some words of wisdom on me today. It’s funny how I’ve read book after book on things like success and the Law of Attraction only to have it all summed up by a four year old in five words: “Flowers grow when they’re happy“. Another […]

Simple Solutions


Repairing My Laptop Memory with Rubber Pads I usually turn on my laptop when I get up, so that by the time I get around to sitting down in front of it, it’s booted up and happy. This morning was no different. I even replied to an email or two while dealing with kids, breakfast, […]



Today I thought I try something a little different! So you want to be a blogger, But you can’t remember crap, Great ideas they come and go, Then they’re gone in just a snap. You may be in a restaurant, Or soaking in a tub, Or talking on the telephone, With Aunt Martha or Uncle […]

Internet Business Research and Development


I know that I promised to continue the series on Clickbank links for selling multiple products from a single Clickbank account… but… I’ve been really busy working on a few new products and will get back to regular posting ASAP…. here’s a shot of one of my most promising developers as he thumbs through Popular […]